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Buying Policy:

Our market place has a very good selection of good quality used books. We take pride in this. To ensure our stock lives up to the standards our customers have come to expect, we have the following policies in regards to buying books:

We evaluate each book based on condition, title, author, awards, bestseller, size, binding etc. and generally pay between:

LE1 - LE20 per book for fictions and non-fictions
LE1 - LE50 per book for specialised books

depending on the mentioned factors.

We take a look at all the books brought to us and evaluate each book individually according to our criteria. We reserve the right to accept or reject any book presented to us. The buying prices set by us are non-negotiable.

Payment for books is in the form of credit/gift certificate or cash ‘your choice’
Below are guidelines as to what we buy and what we do not buy.

Fiction in English
Non-fiction in English
Rare antiquarian books in English
General specialised books in English

Books in bad condition
Books without the front or back cover
Hardcover books without dust jackets
Outdated books!
Student Editions text books

Half-back policy:
Used books bought from PheelBooks can be sold back to us for half of the buying price. The half- back is in the form of credit/gift certificate. Half-back does not apply to bargain books or new books bought from us.

We do not buy back books that have been damaged.

Although we do not give half back for new books but are happy to buy them back according to our buying policy for used books.

This is a sample for the Book details.

here comes the details about the book