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Broken Glass by Tabitha Freeman Book Review

infinity + 1 / 5 stars !!!!!!

*i received a copy from the author for an honest review* 
''Ava, do you ever think how crazy it is that our hands fit together perfectly? They just mold to each other, you know? Like two pieces of a puzzle that just…click."

this was hands down the most beautiful and perfect book i read in 2014 and may even include 2013 there's just to much to say about this book that i may end up rereading it 30 times to not forget anything 

 "Couldn't say in front of the guys. I luv u
sooooo much, Ava, & I always will, no matter
what happens. I’ll always be here. I luv u
infinity + 1"

so what's this book even about you ask?

Ava Darton had it all she had friends the perfect (perfect infi-

inity +1 may i add) fiance and went to the perfect university

and in a matter of moments it was all gone..

in her attempt to get rid of it all she tries to kill herself and 

fails and instead getting sent off to cranville a hospital for the

mentally a time when everything feels like it fell apart 

Ava learns weather her life is worth living or not.

so maybe you've heard this plot a lot in other novels and now 

you're like "meh, that's old i want something new" and you 

know why you're saying that?

yes you are !! do i look like i'm done with my review?? ha? do

i?? you just stick around and then u judge 'kay?

the romance between tryson and Ava was the most 

romantic and beautiful romance i ever seen in a book. yeah i 

said that. i was just so into the romance i had a hard time 

believing that it was only 25 page or so . i felt like it was 

really infinity+1 they were perfect to say the least. 

Tabitha freeman have a beautiful way of writing and making 

every single character, lead or not to be hilarious i was 

seriously laughing out loud at times which got me strange 

looks from my parents but i didn't care because i was so into 

the story.

i would've finished the story in one sitting if I've started on it 

earlier the story just pulls u in and you just have to finish it i 

read it until i fell asleep and then as soon as i woke up and 

my eyes are still half open i began reading.

you know how some authors  have this way of making 

everything alright in the end? that somehow no matter what 

there was in the middle of the story you still finish the book 

with a smile on your face ? this is exactly what happened 

with me when i finished Broken Glass.

i was never a believer in second love i was one of those who 

believed that you  just have one soul mate and if he's gone or 

you broke up you shouldn't love again and if u loved again 

then he/she weren't your soul mate and your new love is.. 

but  this book awaken something in me and now ik that 

when you love again it doesn't mean  you didn't love the one 

before but that life goes on and that there was a reason 

behind you being the one left behind and that you have to 

move on with your life and live life to the fullest.

a lot of us can relate to Ava. when we lose someone dear to 

us we feel like time will stop now there's no purpose in our 

life anymore and we just give up everything and shut people 

out as if this will help bring them back to life. we cling to the 

memories because it the only thing we have left from them. 

and we stay miserable forgetting that they would never have 

wanted to make us miserable and all they wanted was for us 

to say happy and move on with our lives

  “You’re living in the past…in memories that are in but a 

single moment. You’re walking backwards in shoes that 

don’t fit.” 

i don't exactly know what's with me and supporting 

characters ? i honestly have no idea why but i always end up 

liking them more then the lead 

characters them selves there's unsolved mystery behind it. in 

this book iwas Shakespeare henry and channing they 

where Ava's friends in carnville and they where so nice that i 

felt like i wanna know more about each of them.

so all in all this story is PERFECT! i finished it in 5 hours 

yesterday plus one hour today, which didn't happen in a 

long time please don't be taken down by the a-bit-cliche 

summary because this book is defiantly worth reading and i 

can totally 
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