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Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian Book Review

(4/5) stars

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book's summary :)

"This is Karma. I’m a bitch. Can 

you think of anyone who deserves 

a bitch slap?"

a book about revenge ?? yes please !!

this is always my first thought when i see a book about 

revenge....i'm not evil....

but i was actually worried when i started the book i was 

afraid it might turn out to be too cliche which i think it is a 

bit but i like the twists to the cliche plus it was a pretty fast 

read which i think is great because if they prolonged the 

book it might have turned it into a 2 stars books.

The characters: 


mary is this cute and sweet character who just transferred 

to kat's and lillia's highchool....not to add any spoilers i'll 

make it quick..... i totally liked her!


lillia is cool but she still somewhat annoyed me. she's

adorable when she takes care of her sister that's what i liked 

most about her.


kat is defiantly my favorite of them all i like her don't-mess-

with-me character through out the book cause i always love 

those strong girls who don't need anyone standing up for 

them i envy them even.  

I just love it when bullies get what they deserve i always 

smirk and go like "oh yeah you deserve even more then 

that!" and reading a whole book about this is like a guilty 

pleasure to me.

question of the day :

Are you the type to get revenge or the type who forgives ?