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Chaos rises by Melinda Brasher Book Review

(4/5) stars 

for summary click here

*i received a copy from the author for an honest review* 

okay so i just woke up my guilty pleasure milk tea in hand and i open my email and what do i find an author contacted me...and then i found out that i didn't contacted her on blog tour she's the one who did and i'm like *victory dance*...and then i have to replay so i try to lose the fangirl mode to seem more sophisticated.
mrs. malinda was nice enough to  contact me and send me a copy and she even complimented my blog review which means so much to me!

are you bored out of your mind yet?....
okay on to the review shall we?

Chaos rises is a quick read companion novel to Far-Knowing (summary here

so i start reading.

"oh this is interesting!"
The end.


"no you're not over yet, no"
"no you can't be over not so soon !"
"but..but..i wanna know more!"

*5 mins after processing that it really is over* 

i never thought that i would feel connected to the characters in a 10 pages quick read but Chaos rises proved me wrong. 

this book is not something i would have read but lately all i want is to vary my genres a bit so this book came at the right time and it didn't disappoint

i really like this book and Far-knowing is defiantly going on my to-read list.

Question of the day :

do you read or write short stories?